Awards and recognition

As a leading healthcare provider we are proud of our commitment to excellence in care, teaching and research, a commitment that is evident in our numerous achievements and awards. Awards and recognition provided us with the funds and encouragement to push the boundaries of healthcare and continually better patient outcomes.

Mater ranked No.5 in Australia

Sydney, 21 July 2014 - HCF releases annual survey of members’ hospital experience

As part of its commitment to greater transparency in the delivery of health and medical services, Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurer, HCF, has today released results of its latest survey of the hospital experiences of more than 11,000 of its members. Continuing a practice of annual patient satisfaction surveying that started in 1994, HCF’s updated survey focussed on the top 100 hospitals by volume (84 – private; 16 – public) that HCF members attend each year. The primary aim of the survey is to drive improvements in hospital quality via member feedback.

From 100 public and private hospitals surveyed throughout Australia, Mater Hospital Sydney was ranked No.5 with an overall score of 9.3.

Over 11,000 HCF members contributed to the survey which rated how likely they would be to recommend the hospital to a friend or colleague, on a scale of 1 to 10, based on their experiences.

“The results from the HCF Survey are a wonderful affirmation of our commitment to patient-centred care and all the hard work and continuing commitment on the part of our staff. The survey results demonstrate that well over a hundred years since The Mater was founded by the Sisters of Mercy we are continuing their legacy of providing compassionate care. I hope our staff will take pride in these results as all of them have contributed to ensuring that our patients consistently experience quality care,” said John Pitsonis, General Manager, Mater Hospital.

Mater Maternity voted No.1 in NSW

The Medibank Private Maternity Experience Index evaluated the experiences of over 2,000 patients who have recently given birth in private hospitals across Australia, allowing parents to rate hospital performance, environment, staff and support throughout the pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Surveyed topics in the Maternity Index range from pre-admission care such as antenatal classes and hospital familiarisation, to breastfeeding support and caring for newborn advice.

The survey was part of Medibank’s Member Experience Index which is the largest and most comprehensive study of private patient experiences in Australia. The survey gives a complete picture of the patients’ perspective of the private health system. The 2009/10 study surveyed over 22,000 private patients from 142 private hospitals.

According to Robert Cusack, Executive Director of the Mater "This is a particularly important award for the hospital. We have long received feedback from clinicians that our maternity services are without peer. However, to have this more formally confirmed by our patients is the most gratifying feedback of all. It is also particularly encouraging because of the robust nature of the survey. Patients were asked their opinion on a comprehensive array of criteria that truly covers the whole patient journey for mother and baby alike."

“Whilst it has been acknowledged the surroundings and facilities within the Mater’s Maternity Unit are exceptional, ultimately it is the calibre of care extended to our patients, both in terms of professionalism and compassion, that is most important in determining the patient’s experience. To this end, I want to congratulate all the staff and doctors associated with Mater Maternity. I am proud that their dedication has been acknowledged by their patients in such a meaningful and compelling way,” Mr Cusack said.