Mater's Room Service wins international awards

Thursday 24th May 2018

The Mater Hospital in North Sydney has won two major awards for its outstanding levels of service, outperforming all other hospitals across the AsiaPacific region. The Mater won the awards at the Healthcare Asia Awards for the introduction of its new on-demand meal service and the complete rebuild of its kitchens to facilitate cooked-to-order meals for patients.


Mater Hospital CEO Janine Loader says the introduction of Room Service is the first in a series of innovative patient-centric initiatives the hospital will be rolling out over the next 18 months. “The reaction from our patients has been overwhelming, especially in our maternity wards.” Loader said.
“We’ve also redesigned the whole menu. Let’s face it, ‘hospital food’ has become shorthand for bad food and bad service. We wanted to turn that perception on its head.”

There have been other positive outcomes from the introduction of Room Service twelve months ago. Food wastage (a huge cost for both hospitals and the environment) has been drastically reduced by 84 per cent. “This outcome reinforces how putting patient needs first has a positive impact on the whole hospital. Next, we’ll be trialling a smartphone app to make ordering even easier for our patients and their families,” said Loader.

The Mater’s new Room Service won the Facilities Improvement Initiative and the Service Delivery Initiative of the Year awards at a ceremony last night in Singapore. Introducing Room Service necessitated extensive structural changes to the way meals are served throughout the hospital, including introducing an ordering hotline, a complete kitchen rebuild (from a typical production-line format to an a la carte offering) and tray-tracking technology to make sure the right meal gets to the right mum at the right time.

“Room Service allows us to cater to patients’ dietary needs, cultural preferences - and lets new mums order all those things they can’t eat while pregnant,” said Loader.
“Because, really, if you want dessert at 10 o’clock in the morning or breakfast at 3pm, why shouldn’t you have it?”