Allied Health


Our highly skilled Physiotherapists offer their services across a range of areas within the Hospital, including:

  • Orthopaedic Physiotherapy: immediate post-operative mobility and exercise, inpatient and day therapy rehabilitation, return to sports, leisure activities and function following your orthopaedic surgery
  • Cardio-respiratory Physiotherapy: following heart or lung surgery, treatment of renal, oncology and palliative care patients, and rehabilitation for medically unwell patients
  • Women’s Health Maternity Physiotherapy: including post-natal classes, 1:1 sessions following vaginal or caesarean deliveries, specialising in pelvic floor and continence issues pre- and post-natally, and returning to exercise post-natally 

Our Physiotherapists are able to expertly assess, diagnose your presenting condition, work with you following your operations, and prescribe treatment plans, education and exercises that allow you to restore function to the highest level possible. Our team work in conjunction with your Doctor and other healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible treatment and care.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists work with people who have an acute or chronic injury or illness, with a focus on optimising independence in activities of daily living, and providing interventions to maximise function for a timely and safe discharge.

Our Occupational Therapists at the Mater Hospital work with multidisciplinary teams, across a range of areas including orthopaedic, general medical, cardiac, renal, oncology and palliative care, to contribute to a patient’s safe hospital discharge.

Common interventions may include education on post-operative precautions related to activities of daily living, falls prevention, energy conservation and fatigue management, functional retraining, cognitive screening, pressure injury prevention, equipment prescription, home modifications or carer training. 

Social Work

Our qualified Social Workers are available to assist you and your family with the psychosocial impact of illness and admission to hospital.  They are able to provide short-term counselling, and can arrange services where required to support you at home.


Good nutrition is essential to good health and assists in healing and recovery. Nutrition requirements vary according to medical condition and other individual factors.

Our qualified dietitians are involved in the nutritional care of all patients. They work across all areas of the hospital and in particular work with those patients who have special needs and those who have specific dietary requirements. They undertake nutrition assessment, development and implementation of individualised nutrition care plans, and patient and carer education to promote recovery, health and wellbeing.

Nuclear Medicine

Mater Imaging and Nuclear Medicine provides a comprehensive range of Nuclear Medicine (including SPECT/CT) procedures as part of an integrated Radiology and Nuclear Medicine service at the Mater Hospital. Our highly experienced team is committed to providing a personalised and quality-focused service for both inpatients and outpatients.

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Radiation Oncology

Radiotherapy treatment is primarily used in the management of cancer. It can also be used for certain other non-cancerous or 'benign' conditions. At the Mater, radiotherapy is provided by Genesis Care