Radiation oncology

Radiotherapy treatment is primarily used in the management of cancer. It can also be used for certain other non-cancerous or 'benign' conditions. Radiation oncology provides comprehensive state-of-the-art radiotherapy treatment services including both brachytherapy and external beam treatment options.

If you are preparing for radiation therapy a website has been created to help you better understand radiation therapy treatment.

There is a lot to take in, and the site is designed to make the process easier. You can explore at your own pace, and learn the answers to common questions covering: 

  • What is radiation therapy? 
  • Your first day with us 
  • Pre-treatment 
  • Planning your care 
  • Treatment 
  • Possible side effects 
  • After treatment care 

Please visit www.genesiscancercare.com.au 

At the Mater Hospital, radiotherapy is provided by GenesisCare, conveniently located on the lower ground floor of the hospital. Visit www.cancer.com.au/mater