As an Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence, we strive to keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest evidence and best practice. Currently, worldwide evidence indicates that, for those who are relatively young, mobile and have some social support for home, the utilisation of Inpatient Rehabilitation does not afford any greater outcomes than those who continue their therapy as an outpatient. As such, it is our Mater Hospital standard of care that you will discharge directly home following your joint replacement, usually around Day 4 after your surgery. You will then continue your rehabilitation either through a Day Therapy Centre, with ‘rehab in the home’, a local physiotherapy private practice or some surgeons use physiotherapy telehealth. Studies show outcomes and patient satisfaction are equal for all of these modalities. 

Inpatient Rehabilitation is for the patient who requires 24 hour medical monitoring and is not yet safe for discharge home. This is directed by your treating team and the Rehabilitation Physicians. If you are one of the few patients who require this, you may be transferred to the JM Agnew Wing. 

JM Agnew Wing - Inpatient Rehabilitation

The Inpatient Rehabilitation ward is located on Level 1 of the Mater Hospital, allowing a smooth transition from acute orthopaedics. You will be under the care of a Rehabilitation Physician and multidisciplinary team consisting of Nursing Staff, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers and Dietitians. 

You will be individually assessed and a treatment plan developed to enable you to reach your goals and return to a safe and independent lifestyle at home. We have weekly team meetings to discuss your progress, review your goals and ensure you will achieve them. A team member will keep you informed of your planned discharge date and you are encouraged to participate in the development and review of your program. 

You will spend a considerable amount of time in the gym and are encouraged to bring comfortable day clothes in which to exercise. Therapy sessions may be individual or group based. We also provide education sessions on a variety of topics to assist you with your return home. You will be discharged home when you have achieved your goals, no longer require 24 hour nursing care and, if required, follow up therapy will be arranged on an outpatient basis.