WebDSC_0491At the Mater we specialise in arthroscopic and reconstructive orthopaedic surgery of the shoulder, hand, wrist, elbow, ankle, foot, spine and orthopaedic trauma.  Our surgical department utilises a variety of navigation equipment and commonly used prosthesis and instrumentation, including the MAKO Robot. 

What Is Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery?

This utilises computer-assisted planning, to allow a virtual operation to be performed before any part of the surgery, combined with robotic arm technology guided by the surgeon, to facilitate the preparation and accurate implantation of a joint replacement prosthesis. 

How does it work?

The patient is reviewed by a Mako Robot Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon and is deemed suitable for this surgery. A pre-operative CT scan is then performed of the affected limb, allowing a customised computer model of the patient’s own joint to be produced, with detailed bony anatomy and alignment. A pre-operative surgical plan is then developed utilising the robotic software and reviewed by the surgeon. During the procedure, the surgeon matches the patient’s joint to the computer plan. The planned implant positions can then be accurately adjusted to the individual patient’s ligament tension. The joint replacement is then performed using the precision of the robotic arm guidance. The surgeon is provided with real-time live feedback regarding the positions of the patient’s joint in space and the orientation and position of the prostheses. 

Current MAKO trained surgeons

Dr Sam ChiaDr David Dickison, Dr Brett Fritsch, Dr Constantine GlezosDr Sanjeev Gupta, Dr Matt Lyons, A/Prof David Parker, Dr Chris Roberts, Dr Robert Sew Hoy, Prof Bill WalterDr Julian Yu

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