Accounts and insurance

Informed financial consent

Prior to your admission we will provide an estimate of the gap between your health insurance cover and the hospital costs. Otherwise, the estimate will be provided at the earliest opportunity on or after admission. Please be aware that as the estimate is prepared using information supplied by your admitting doctor, circumstances may arise during the course of your hospitalisation that may result in changes to the estimate.

This estimate covers your hospital account only and we advise that you check your status with your health fund for any exclusions, excess or co-payment applicable to your specific level of cover. Excess and/or co-payments are payable on admission. 

Payment options

We accept major credit cards, bank cheques, cash (up to $500), EFTPOS or direct bank deposit - please contact our Accounts Department 9900 7300 for transfer details. Please note that many banking institutions have a daily limit of cash withdrawal.

At pre-admission or on admission, we ask that you supply us with your credit card details which will be entered into our secure system. Any excess or co-payment will be taken at the time of admission, if not previously paid. 

Extra charges such as partner or guest meals may not appear on your account before discharge and therefore will be charged to your credit card.

Privately insured patients

Ensure that your private health insurance is up to date, as co-payments, excess and costs for excluded procedures are your responsibility. On your behalf the Mater Hospital will check whether you have an excess, co-payment or if your level of cover or waiting period excludes you from receiving benefits for some conditions.

Uninsured patients

If you do not have health insurance you will be required to pay the full estimate of your account on, or before the day of admission. Fees for additional or unplanned services are payable at the time of discharge.


Prior to admission we strongly advise that you discuss with your doctor if any prosthesis or medical devices are planned and whether they will incur a gap-payment. The hospital will charge this gap payment to you.


The hospital will ensure that prior approval is received for all White Card holders. Veterans' Affairs patients who hold Gold Cards do not require approval prior to admission.

Accounts from your doctor and specialist consultants

Your doctor, the assistant, the anaesthetist and any other specialist consultant involved in your care will send their accounts separately. All these bills should be settled directly. Medicare and your health fund may cover a proportion of the account.

Medical imaging and pathology costs

Medical imaging and pathology accounts are not covered in the hospital costs and will be billed separately. These accounts should be settled directly. Medicare and your health fund may cover a portion of the account

Pharmacy costs

Medications supplied to patients during their hospital stay and for discharge may result in a cost to the patient depending on their health fund coverage. If eligible for subsidised medicines, please supply the card and details on admission. Discharge pharmacy costs will be billed directly from HPS Pharmacies.

Settling the account

Before you leave the Mater Hospital you will need to settle your hospital account. Please ensure you call into the discharge area on the ground floor to settle your account.

Health insurance

If you have private health insurance we will submit a benefits claim form on your behalf. Following the submission of your claim any out of pocket expenses not covered will need to be paid. If we have your credit card details on file the outstanding amount will be taken from your credit card, otherwise an account will be sent to you in the mail. We will call you to authorise any deduction greater than $500.

The Mater Hospital has reached agreements with most major health funds to meet the cost of some services such as physiotherapy. However, not all funds cover these costs. Please contact your health fund to confirm their coverage of these services.

Workers' compensation

If you request a single room a surcharge will be payable by you and not the insurance company. All guest/partner meals are billed to your account and payable by you. 

Questions about your account

Should you have any questions please contact the Revenue Department by email