Pastoral care

We aim to provide emotional and spiritual support to all patients regardless of faith, beliefs and religion.

  • The Mater hospital acknowledges that being in hospital is an emotional as well physical experience. Pastoral care staff aim to provide a professional, confidential space where the emotional experience of illness and hospitalisation or other life challenges can be shared, understood and explored.
  • Pastoral care staff are trained professionals with counselling skills who are employed by the hospital to support patients. Pastoral care staff aim to visit every patient during their stay in hospital.
  • Pastoral Services also provides a mindful relaxation channel - 306. The relaxation video is available on a 30 minute loop for all patients to help alleviate anxiety and improve sleep. The video can also be purchased at reception.
  • A pastoral care worker can be contacted by calling 99007300 or calling 8385 from the bedside phone. Patients can also ask their nurse to contact the pastoral care team on their behalf.

Communion Ministry

Holy Communion is available on request. The Hospital Chaplain and appointed Ministers of Communion visit patients regularly.


The Sacramental needs of patients can be met by the Hospital Chaplain, who can be contacted by a member of Pastoral Care.


The chapel is located on the Ground Floor and is open at all times for quiet reflection or prayer.

If you require sacramental support or if you would like to be visited and supported by a representative from your faith denomination please contact pastoral care so they can assist you.