Pastoral and Spiritual Care

Pastoral and Spiritual Care staff are qualified employees that are part of the Mater interdisciplinary team. Every patient, as well as close family, are offered thoughtful, sensitive and relevant emotional and/or spiritual support.

The Mater Hospital acknowledges that being in hospital can be an emotional as well as a physical experience. Pastoral and Spiritual Care staff provide a professional and confidential space where your experience of illness and hospitalisation can be shared and understood.

Pastoral and Spiritual Care staff can listen to your fears, worries, hopes and dreams and can provide support during times of grief and loss. They can help you find meaning in your situation and help with any practical matters.

A pastoral and spiritual care worker can be contacted by calling 9900 7688 or calling 8385 from the bedside phone. 
Patients can also ask their nurse to contact the pastoral and spiritual care team on their behalf.