For over 110 years the Mater Hospital has excelled in the delivery of quality patient care. Working in partnership with our patients and their families we take a holistic approach to healthcare - we acknowledge the uniqueness of every patient to create a healing environment that is second to none.

Our experienced team of healthcare professionals, care givers and support staff are equipped to provide the highest level of therapeutic, medical and surgical services. They work together to ensure your safety, wellbeing and recovery.

Patient care is our responsibility and our passion is providing exceptional care in partnership with our patients and their family.

Further information on specific services and treatments can be found in the Services section of this website.

Our Care Statement

For those entrusted to our care it is:

  • Provided in an environment underpinned by Mission and Values
  • Holistic and centred on the needs of each patient
  • High quality, safe, and continuously improved to ensure best practice.
  • Innovative and informed by current research using contemporary techniques and technology.
  • Delivered by a team of dedicated, appropriately qualified people who are supported in a continuing development of their skills and knowledge
  • Provided with a commitment to a respect for life according to the Gospel.