Patient Comments & Feedback

Your feedback provides us with valuable information and assists us in improving patient care and our services. Ways of providing feedback include:

Patient Comment Cards
Patient Comment Cards are available in your room, in the wards, at the front desk and at the Admission/Discharge desk.


Patient ESurveys
Surveys are conducted throughout the year for the Mater by Press Ganey Associates and are distributed to a random selection of patients.

Feedback Form on this website

How to make a complaint

If you or your family have any concerns during your stay, please direct them to the staff caring for you, the Nurse Unit Manager or Patient Advocate Services (dial 7391), so that the issues can be addressed immediately.

If you feel your complaint has not been adequately resolved you can contact the Director of Clinical Services or the Chief Executive Officer by phone (dial 9) or in writing, Mater Hospital, PO Box 958, North Sydney 2059.

Further review & investigations about complaints
The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) acts in the public interest by receiving, reviewing and investigating complaints about health care in NSW. The HCCC provides direct assistance to people through a telephone inquiry service Ph: 1800 043 159. Callers are advised about the options available to resolve their concerns and how to make a complaint to the HCCC.