Patient Rights & Responsibilities

For most people being a patient is unfamiliar and therefore it is important that you understand your rights and responsibilities as a patient. If you have any questions regarding your rights and responsibilities please ask our staff. 

Your Rights

  • To be treated with courtesy, and have your ethnic, cultural and religious beliefs respected
  • To be informed about facilities and services, costs, medications used, methods of treatment and referral to other services
  • To confidentiality of personal information
  • To involvement in decisions about your care
  • To staff who identify themselves to you
  • To an explanation of treatment and its risks before giving consent
  • To advice on seeking a second medical opinion
  • To advice on care after discharge
  • To discharge yourself at any time even against the advice of your doctor or hospital staff. However, you must accept the associated risks and sign a form taking responsibility before you leave the hospital.

Your Responsibilities

  • To answer questions about your health honestly and to comply with prescribed treatment
  • To tell staff about any regular medication you are taking
  • To make sure you understand what is said to you
  • To abide by the hospital’s non-smoking policy
  • To advise staff if visitors are worrying you
  • To show consideration for other patients
  • To treat your health care workers with respect and courtesy regardless of their cultural and ethnic background
  • To check your level of cover with your health fund prior to admission.

Download the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights (PDF 139KB)