Pre-admission clinic

When booked for a procedure or treatment your surgeon may refer you to our Pre-admission Clinic. Here you will be provided with information about your procedure or treatment and hospital stay. A relative or friend may accompany you if you wish.

Make an appointment

Once your stay is confirmed, if required, you should contact our Pre-admission Clinic for an appointment.
Phone: (02) 9900 7494 or Email

What happens at the Pre-admission Clinic?

A pre-admission nurse will go through your health questionnaire and answer any questions about your admission. This is a good time to discuss issues such as your current medication or any dietary requirements. You should advise the nurse about any pre-existing conditions or risk factors and express any concerns about your care after discharge. The nurse can refer you to our discharge planning and/or social work team.

What to bring to your appointment  

The following should be brought to your pre-admission appointment:

  • The completed health questionnaire and pre-admission details, unless previously provided.
  • Any doctors’ letters related to your condition.
  • Scans and x-rays related to your condition.
  • A list of your current medications from either your general practitioner or pharmacy.
  • Details of your health insurance fund.
  • All entitlement cards e.g. Medicare, Safety Net, Veterans’ Affairs, Pensioner Health Card or Health Benefit Card.
  • Your credit card.
  • Details of any community benefits you currently receive.
  • Contact details for your general practitioner.

Unable to arrange an appointment?

Should you be unable to arrange an appointment at the Pre-admission Clinic prior to your admission a nurse from the Pre-admission Clinic will contact you to discuss and review your health status and ensure you have the necessary information about your hospital stay.