Mater Clinic Theatres

Admission Time

Our Pre-Admission staff will call you the business day prior to your admission to confirm your admission time, give you your fasting instructions and explain any clinical preparation. If you have not received a call or will be difficult to contact, please call (02) 9923 7115 after 2.00pm  the business day prior to your admission.

The customer services team will also contact you the business day prior to your admission to explain any out of pocket expenses associated with your admission. We ask that you finalise these expenses on admission. If you do not have any out of pocket expenses you will not receive a call.

Preparing for day surgery

Please shower before you come to Mater Clinic Theatres, use minimal make-up and, for comfort following your procedure, wear loose clothing. Do not wear nail polish or jewellery.

On arrival

Report to the Mater Clinic Theatres in the Mater Clinic access is from the lifts of the Mater Clinic car park or via the Mater Hospital. 

What to bring

  • Original pre-admission forms, unless previously sent.
  • Signed consent form
  • Any relevant doctors' letters scans and x-rays.
  • Health insurance fund card, if applicable.
  • Medicare card.
  • Health benefit card, if applicable.
  • Pensioner health card, if applicable.
  • Credit card or cheque to settle your account.
  • Books or magazines for reading prior to your procedure.

What not to bring

Do not bring cash, jewellery or valuables of any kind as the Mater Clinic cannot be responsible for any valuables or missing items.

Going home checklist

  • Make arrangements for someone to take you home. Patients must not drive, go by taxi alone or catch public transport after an anaesthetic.
  • Collect your x-rays and scans.
  • Collect follow-up information and your postoperative instructions.
  • Settle your account.
  • Pick up your medications from the pharmacy, if ordered by your doctor.

Checking out

When discharged please visit the Mater Clinic Theatres reception to settle your account. We accept payment by cash, EFTPOS (check your daily limit), Visa, MasterCard, Amex and cheque, but not Diners Club. Following health fund payment of your claim, any balance owing will be debited to your credit card.