Overnight patients

Admission Time

You will receive an SMS the business day prior to your admission to confirm your arrival time and fasting instructions. If you do not have a mobile you will receive a telephone call.


Shower before you come to the hospital, use minimal make-up and, for comfort wear loose clothing.

Where to go

Report to the main reception desk on the Ground Floor of the Hospital.

What to bring

  • The original pre-admission forms, unless submitted online or previously sent
  • Any relevant doctors' letters, scans and x-rays.
  • Signed consent form
  • Health insurance fund card, if applicable.
  • Medicare card.
  • Health benefit card, if applicable.
  • Pension health card, if applicable.
  • All medications, tablets, eye drops or injections that you normally take in their original containers with labels. Include any aspirin, oral contraceptives, naturopathic remedies, vitamins or any products from health food stores. We ask that you give all medications to the admitting nurse so that we can identify the medications and your doctor can review them with you. While an in-patient at the Mater, all medications must be administered to you by a registered nurse and authorised by a medical officer.
  • Credit card to settle your account.
  • Casual clothes to wear during the day such as t-shirts and track suits.
  • Pyjamas/soft shoes.
  • Toiletries.
  • If possible, please keep your luggage size to a minimum

What not to bring

  • Cash.
  • Jewellery or valuables of any kind.
  • Hot water bottle or electric blanket.
  • Pets.
  • Oil burners, incense or candles.

Room allocation

Every effort will be made to provide you with your room preference, however private rooms cannot be guaranteed and are allocated according to availability and clinical needs on the day of admission.

Workers' compensation and Department of Veterans' Affairs patients are provided with shared accommodation. A private room can be requested, however the patient will be required to pay the difference and is dependent on availability and clinical need on the day of admission.

Your room

For your comfort all rooms at the Mater are air conditioned with controls for the fan speed and to switch the air conditioning on or off. A bedside console provides easy access to telephone and television, radio and lighting controls.

Personal bath towels and mats are provided for all patients. Each bedside cupboard has a lockable drawer for the storage of personal items. Please understand that the Mater cannot be responsible for any missing items.

We strongly recommend that valuable items, jewelery or large amounts of money should not be brought to the Mater or kept in patients' rooms.

Please note mobile phones can interfere with sensitive hospital equipment. The use of mobile phones is not permitted in patient rooms.

Room Service

Our new Room Service gives patients the flexibility to order meals when it suits them - we even have an all-day breakfast menu. Each meal is cooked fresh to order and delivered within 45 minutes from placing the order.  Patients also have the option to pre-order a meal and have it delivered at a specified time. Read more ...

To prevent infection

  • Clean your hands after going to the bathroom and before eating.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need assistance with hand hygiene or going to the bathroom.
  • Our staff are professional and do not mind being politely questioned or reminded about hand hygiene.
  • If you have an intravenous drip, it will have a clear dressing over the area. Do not touch the area if the dressing becomes loose or the area becomes red or painful – tell your nurse and they will check it for you. On some occasions a drip may need to be removed and replaced.
  • Do not touch your wound or any other devices such as drip, catheters or drains. Tell your nurse promptly if it becomes loose.
  • You can expect your hospital environment to be kept clean and tidy. Keeping the tables and locker uncluttered will assist the cleaning staff to access all surfaces.
  • Visitors should avoid coming to the hospital if they are feeling unwell. If they have suffered from any form of gastro, they should not visit for 48 hours after symptoms have ceased.
  • Children that are unwell or just recovering from an illness should not be brought to the hospital.
  • Visitors are welcome to use the hand washing sink or alcohol gel to clean their hands when entering and leaving the wards.
  • If possible, visitors should not sit on the beds or use patient bathrooms. Public bathrooms are available on each floor.

Checking out

Your doctor will discuss your departure date with you. Discharge time is 9.30am. Please visit our Patient Services Team on the ground floor to settle your account prior to leaving.

Going home checklist

  • Departure time is 9.30am.
  • Make arrangements for someone to take you home. Patients should not drive, catch public transport or go by taxi alone after an anaesthetic. Taxi transport may be booked for patients after a stay of more than 24 hours after surgery.
  • Collect all medications, x-rays and scans.
  • Collect follow-up information.
  • Pack and check room for personal items.
  • Settle your account.

Settling your account

Before you leave the Mater you will need to settle your account for any items not payable by your health fund, for example discharge medication, telephone calls and in some cases, depending on your health fund, other ancillary costs such as physiotherapy.

Other accounts such as pathology and radiology need to be settled separately with the independent providers of these services. Our Patient Services Team, located on the ground floor, will explain your account. We accept payment in cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Amex, we do not accept Diners. The Mater also has EFTPOS facilities, but we regret that no cash out service is available.