Booking and transfers

Elective admissions are arranged through a visiting medical practitioner who is accredited to admit patients to the Mater Hospital.

Click here to identify a Mater accredited practitioner.

The hospital booking system manages patient admissions, transfers and discharges. The system schedules theatre cases, procedures and pre-admission appointments. Once a booking is confirmed the patient receives a confirmation letter, hospital brochure and pre-admission information. Patients also receive assistance with informed financial consent, notifying them of any out-of-pocket expenses associated with the admission.

Make a booking

  • A Pre-admission Questionnaire must be completed. Whether the patient is attending the Day Surgery Unit or is to be an inpatient at the Mater. If you require additional copies of the Questionnaire call (02) 9900 7391).
  • The Pre-admission Questionnaire should be completed by the VMO and the patient, then sent to the Mater Hospital as soon as possible (a postage paid envelope accompanies the Pre-admission Questionnaire).
  • All fields on the form must be completed to achieve a booking. Where there is missing information, the form will be returned for completion.

Request/consent for medical procedure or treatment

It is the responsibility of the admitting/treating doctor to provide informed consent to the patient. The Mater Hospital is responsible for ensuring that this process takes place. The doctor providing the informed consent enters the procedure or treatment to be performed in the provision of information to patient field located on the back of the booking form and signs the form indicating they have provided the information. If the doctor has not signed the consent in this area, then it is their responsibility to do so on the day of admission.

Admissions to the Mater Hospital within seven days

  • Call the Booking Office (02) 9900 7575
  • Have all the information ready
  • The original booking form must be sent to the Booking Office at least 48 hours prior to patient’s admission.

Day surgery bookings

Doctors are requested to provide day surgery patients with:

  • Pre-admission information
  • Medical history forms
  • Reply-paid envelope to mail back forms to the Mater Hospital.

Should the patient complete the paperwork in the surgery it can be forwarded with the booking form.

Booking Office contacts

Routine booking enquiries (02) 9900 7575
Urgent bed requests and bed allocations (02) 9900 7497
Health fund enquiries (02) 9900 7399