The Friends of the Mater Foundation

The Friends of the Mater Foundation is a charitable trust, established in late June 1999.

The Foundation supports the work of the Mater Hospital by raising funds through pledged donations. Donors are known as Friends of the Mater and their annual tax deductible donations are directed towards the growth of a capital fund. The return on the invested funds is made available each year to the Mater in the form of grants for new technology, equipment, clinical research projects, education and teaching programs as well as academic appointments in medical and surgical oncology.

To date The Foundation has facilitated gifts to the Mater Hospital of over $50 million. The Trustee of the Foundation is The Friends of the Mater Limited.

To find out more about The Friends of the Mater Foundation please contact the Executive Director Ms Margaret McCauley on (02) 9900 7398 or visit The Friends of the Mater Foundation website.